LOL is Dead

Tell me it isn’t so! LOL is dead! In now: haha and hehe. Oh, and emoji’s too. As summer comes to a close, today I share new research from Facebook that takes us to the lighter side of today’s vernacular. While you might think that an “e-laughing” movement from LOL to haha is silly (well, it is), it reminds us, as direct marketers, that our culture, language and customers continue to reinvent and evolve. This can impact your copy, especially if you’re marketing to people, irrespective of age, who think of themselves as current with the times.

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Gary Hennerberg

After a lot of years in marketing and sales, this is what I know works:

Stories sell. Think unique. Stimulate emotion. Close deals. And here are a few other gems from my new book, “Crack the Customer Mind Code.” Know the persona, interpret your offer and let your prospect give themselves permission to buy. That’s how the brain is wired. It’s how people think.

What else? When I’m not breaking down complex topics (or ones marketers over-complicate) into easy-to-grasp stories that sell, I crunch numbers. Manage projects. Write. Teach. Lead.