Recognizing what channels—ranging from web sites, e-mails, direct mail sales letters, content marketing, social media, PPC ads and more—combined with analysis and interpretation of data, is what drives profitability.

That’s why organizations of all sizes call on veteran direct response marketing consultant Gary Hennerberg to sort out the messaging to test, and in what channel, both online and offline.

With 35+ years in direct response marketing, and nearly 25 years as a successful independent consultant and copywriter, Hennerberg is considered one of America’s top consultants by Target Marketing Magazine. It’s his combination of business analysis and creativity—left brain and right brain thinking—that offer unparalleled expertise in how to frame your sales story.

Whether you’re a successful marketer looking to test a new approach … a small business or start-up looking to make money … a b2c, b2b or non-profit … click here to get started.

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Hennerberg is an experienced direct response marketer who knows strategy, creative, and numbers crunching for direct mail advertising and print, all the way through digital marketing, email marketing, online video marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing and more.

Watch videos of marketing examples  where you’ll see the behind-the-scenes description of marketing turnarounds. You’ll learn Hennerberg's process for analysis, strategy, unique selling proposition development, and how he uses data to turnaround marketing campaigns.

Staying relevant requires reinventing your skills and marketing approaches. As Hennerberg has evolved and reinvented his traditional direct marketing skills over the years, the editors of Target Marketing Magazine look to him to share his thought leadership of how to sell today.

How is it done? Here’s a three-step process:

  1. Analysis and diagnosis. As a proven direct marketing consultant, Hennerberg digs deeply into your data and interpret trends to discover where marketing turnaround and new product sales opportunity lies.
  2. Create your marketing test plan. He determines whether your marketing message belongs online or offline – he's media agnostic, driven to recommend only what makes sense for your bottom line.
  3. He puts the strategic marketing plan to action. Great ideas are easy to dream up. Putting ideas into action is tough, but his track record and marketing examples speak for themselves.


Watch Hennerberg's marketing example videos where he shares how he used a purpose/frequency/free content strategy to turnaround marketing revenues by 20%. How he used data from a model to better understand the composition of customers and increase sales by 35%. Or how he identified a unique selling proposition and repositioned a product that increased sales by 60%.

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