Independent Marketing Consultant and Fractional CMO

Independent marketing consultant, fractional CMO and full-stack marketer with experience in analysis, planning,  product launches, sales funnels, testing, SEO, SEM, online ads, wireframing websites, email marketing, content development, video, and building databases.


Gary Hennerberg

Gary Hennerberg is considered among America’s leading marketing consultants. He has been a marketing professional since 1978 and an independent marketing consultant and copywriter since 1992. He is the author of Crack the Customer Mind Code.

Business and Marketing analyst growth strategist. Numbers cruncher to formulate understanding and interpret how data should drive business. “The Knowledge is in the Numbers,” which is the subtitle of Hennerberg’s book “Direct Marketing Quantified,” says it all.

He develops custom formulas, analyses and models from 30-plus years of working with companies ranging from start-ups to large corporate entities. When analyzing your business and marketing data, you will have unique insights to establish your course, quantify your objectives, measure your effectiveness, and use digital and other channels to increase your profitability

His process begins with analysis and interpretation of data and numbers. Then he works with clients to determine whether a marketing approach would be best implemented online or offline. With experience in cross-channel marketing including direct mail, catalogs, email, online video, websites and social media, Hennerberg recommends the most effective and cost-efficient blend to generate sales.


Perry Alexander

In the realm of advertising and marketing strategy and design, Perry Alexander has thrived on tirelessly reaching for and riding the leading edge of evolving best practices. 

Business and non-profit marketing and communications, today, involve well-told stories, relevant to the reader/listener/viewer. They engage, build trust and loyalty, and a desire for more. His own company, ACM Initiatives, serves businesses and non-profits by helping to devise and implement strategies based on non-interruptive communications. More at

Since 1973, he has applied fundamental marketing and design principles (still relevant today), using diverse delivery media (which are very different today), beginning with his early days with print, television, and radio.

He has mastered Web design, email and landing page strategies, and crafting with online video—not just editing skills, but employing refined story-telling techniques. Now, he is also pushing headlong into the next burgeoning realm: tablet (iPad) marketing.

He is particularly adept at serving B-to-C, B-to-B, and non-profit clients whose formerly tried-and-true marketing methods have gone soft, and are in acute need of being rethought, reset, and redeployed to impact today’s marketplace, both online and offline.