Small business survey statistics

I had the benefit of discovering new small business statistics by conducting online research to small businesses regarding their use of online marketing.  As with most surveys, this one had intriguing results. (Full press release here:

About 80% of small businesses have a website, but only about half are satisified with the results.  About 30% say they use Facebook or Twitter with good results.

Most are happy with the quality of their design, appearance and content, but they're not happy with being found by search engines, and they're not sure if they are getting a good number of visitors.

What is striking is that they realize they need help with fundamental search engine optimization, but because many report they build their websites themselves with a template (or by a friend), they really don't know anything about SEO.  So their website traffic suffers.  That's unfortunate.

They also realize they need help using social media, how to build inbound links, and how to send effective email promotions.  Lots of opportunities for these small business owners, but the marketing and advertising budgets they report don't exactly enable them to invest in a lot of help.  They need to figure it out on their own.  But they also need to mind their stores.

A digital gulf, perhaps, between those "in the know" and the wannabes.

Gary Hennerberg

After a lot of years in marketing and sales, this is what I know works:

Stories sell. Think unique. Stimulate emotion. Close deals. And here are a few other gems from my new book, “Crack the Customer Mind Code.” Know the persona, interpret your offer and let your prospect give themselves permission to buy. That’s how the brain is wired. It’s how people think.

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