QR codes on business cards

I hardly ever use business cards anymore. But an idea came to me several days ago before heading to Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy that having a QR code on the back of the business card could generate interest. Did it ever! Some folks knew how to read them on their smartphones, but I was surprised at the number of people who had no clue that they needed an app to be able to scan a QR code. But once enlightened, most everyone got it.

Lots of folks had questions about what we did to get the QR codes. Getting them is easy.

My colleague, Perry Alexander, writes this about getting them: I used two QR codes on our cards: (1) that takes you to our landing page, and (2) that is our complete contact info, including phone, email, address, URL, etc. All this is easily loadable into your address book, if you choose to do so.

Why did I include 2 QR codes? Well, the complete contact info version has many more and much smaller pixels, so in dim light, or on an older phone, there's a chance it may not read properly. To be safe, the URL-only version is virtually 100% error free every time. You also increase the probably of a good scan if you print them as large as you see on our cards.

QR codes easy to generate online--for free--from a number of sources. I particularly like the flexibility and user interface of beqrious.com. Just fill in the fields on their "generator" page that you'd like included on your QR code, and it spits out a GIF or PDF file, suitable for use on your printed materials or anywhere else. By the way, if you don't have a QR code reader on your smartphone, there are multiple reader apps available. Among them: QuickMark Barcode Scanner for Android and QR Reader for iPhone.

And there you have it. Read more about Perry at www.SuccessMessengerGroup.com and contact him there.

Gary Hennerberg

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