Multichannel Direct Marketing Copywriting Tips

Sales copywriting styles across direct mail, email, web, and social media tend to be different, even though the direct marketer’s ultimate goal and messaging are the same.

Multichannel copywriting is the subject of an article that I wrote recently for Target Marketing Magazine. In that article, I compare and share examples of different copywriting styles for a client where we use cross-channel media to get our message out.

To illustrate differences between channel vehicles, for the Target Marketing article, we examined how our client, the Digital Learning Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to improving economic growth by advocating for personalized education through the use of digital learning technologies, used multiple vehicles to reach technology companies. DLA has compiled several issues that state legislators in about 35 states are attempting to solve through legislation and funding of initiatives.

The technology that solves these issues is often unknown to state legislators. These technology companies (some very large, others still in start-up phases), don’t have access to hard-to-reach state legislators. Add to that the unknown of how to track bills or RFPs across 50 U.S. states, and the smaller companies are often at a disadvantage.

These digital learning technology company CEOs and senior executives need DLA. But they are difficult to reach. To get the executive’s attention, multiple vehicles were used with the same core message, but in different copywriting styles.

The DLA message is complex. The organization is only about a year old, and the message continues to evolve. Like so many organizations, a significant challenge is taking a complex message and quickly explaining it in easy-to-understand messaging.

Multiple audiences are one layer of complexity. At first, it was legislators and a small group of technology industry executives who would go to the website. As the organization grows, and as we add more content and videos, the message will naturally expand to educators, parents, and students.

For DLA, multiple channel messaging has been successful. Major players in the digital technology industry are members. Those larger, influential members are magnets for the smaller players who want to grow and perhaps acquired by those larger members. It’s a marketing ecosystem that benefits all, and is anchored by a consistent message across all media.

To see examples of the copy written for DLA, please read the full article, Multichannel Copywriting, Tactics that work across direct mail, email, web and social media at the Target Marketing Magazine website.


Gary Hennerberg

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