Digital Citizenship

I'll admit that I had never heard of the term "digital citizenship" until my wife started a course on this subject.  I think it's a facsinating concept with potentially interesting discussion. The textbook "Understanding Digital Citizenship" defines it as follows:

"Digital citizenship can be described as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. As a way of understanding the complexity of digital citizenship and the issues of technology use, abuse, and misuse, we have identified nine elements that together make up digital citizenship.  Those nine elements are as follows:

1. Digital access: full electronic participation in society

2. Digital commerce: the buying and selling of goods online

3. Digital communication: the electronic exchange of information

4. Digital literacy: the capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it

5. Digital etiquette: the standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users

6. Digital law: the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

7. Digital rights and responsibilities: the privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them

8. Digital health and wellness: the elements of physical and psychological well-being related to digital technology use

9. Digital security: the precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network."

How does this impact you?


Gary Hennerberg

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