Marketing Examples Revealing How Hennerberg Turns Around Marketing Campaigns

In the videos below, Hennerberg gives you the behind-the-scenes stories of what we did to succeed in these marketing turnaround examples.

  1. We share how we created a strategy of purpose, frequency and free content using online video, email marketing and social media, resulting in a sales increase of 20%.

  2. In another example, we share how we identified a product’s unique selling proposition, and repositioned the product to achieve a 60% sales increase.

  3. And in still another example, we share how we used data from a response model to create a new package that beat a control effort by 35%.

Sample Client Videos We’ve Created

Demand for video marketing services is growing exponentially. In addition to video script writing, graphic design and editing, we also provide professional voice-over services. Here are a few examples of videos we have produced.