Direct mail statistics found in Direct Marketing Quantified:
The Knowledge is in the Numbers

Your 3-Step Action Plan to Shore Up Your Bottom Line

Direct Marketing Quantified
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What’s your action plan to bump up your profits – or stem your losses – during these turbulent economic times?  If there was ever a time to dig into your direct mail statistics and get your hands on direct mail costs to strengthen your business, it’s now.

When times are tough, implementing these three action items is virtually guaranteed to increase your profitability.

  1. Identify how to yield a larger ROI using this simple customer segmentation strategy using deciles and demi-deciles, and key charts (starts on page 169).
  2. Identify how to retain productive prospecting programs that may actually be more profitable than you think (starts on page 99, through page 130).
  3. The virtual no-cost to produce, and low-tech model you can create quickly and cut marketing costs by 10-20%, but only lose 3-5% of your sales (page 133).

You or your marketing staff can perform each of these three action plans on a spreadsheet in your office.

In Direct Marketing Quantified: The Knowledge is in the Numbers, you’re guided on a path that will help you identify …

  • Your course of action, your marketing risk tolerance, what a sales dollar must cover, and more.
  • How to set the bar, including how to set direct mail response rate goals, and how much you can lose and still make a profit at a future time.
  • Ideas to account for every sale, and strategies for improving under-performing media.
  • Extra tools you can use to measure your effectiveness and increase your marketing profitability.

These aren’t pie-in-the-sky theories.  They have been tested and used during the past three decades by direct marketing consultant Gary Hennerberg to save, or make, millions of dollars for consumer, b2b, and non-profit organizations.  Using the strategies and formulas he reveals in Direct Marketing Quantified, Hennerberg has lifted response by 15%, 35% even 60%.

In 15 chapters, complete with sample reports, spreadsheet architecture and charts, you can see for yourself how to bring clarity to your numbers and make the best marketing decisions for you during these tough economic times.

This book takes you step-by-step through what it takes to quantify your marketing programs and help make you more profitable.

Over the years Hennerberg has spoken and written on many facets of the “how to” of measuring direct marketing programs.

As his direct marketing career evolved, so did Hennerberg’s need to learn about the numbers. Over the years he has lectured about the numbers, managed marketing numbers for companies where he was employed, and created a wide variety of models and measurements for clients. In some instances, there were prototypes of models to follow. In many cases, Hennerberg used his own imagination to develop a model that would yield vital knowledge that would mold strategy and tactical steps.

The models in this book will benefit many types of organizations and media. The methodology in this book will apply to a consumer marketer and business-to-business marketer alike. It applies to fund-raising organizations and non-profits. It applies to catalog marketers and continuity marketers.

The models can be applied to a wide variety of media. However, the focus is on direct mail or catalog media, since use of postal mail is, by far, the largest media used by direct marketing companies. But the principles apply to other media such as e-mail, print, broadcast, inserts, and alternate media.

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The following flow chart, the “Hennerberg Analytic Cycle,” helps bring context to each chapter, and serves as a road map through the book. Read a synopsis of the 15 chapters of the book.

Hennerberg Analytic Cycle